After earning an MFA in poetry (2012) and MA in Rhetoric and Composition (2014) at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, Kelin is working towards her PhD in Rhetoric and Composition (2019) at the same institution. She earned her BA in Literatures in English and Asian Studies from St. Olaf College (2008).

Her research and poetry take on the same complexities: 

  • how neoliberal governmentality decides valuable and invaluable lives, valuable and invaluable deaths (biopolitics, necropolitics)
  • who circulates the rhetorics that lead to those lives and deaths, and how the infrastructures, networks, and ecologies of that circulation are grown and maintained 
  • what the living experience of the posthuman, neoliberal subject is; the distinctions between sensory, material, and affective rhetoric
  • the potential of extralinguistic rhetorics, sensations, and poetics to be revolutionary, a rupture in the discourses of power

Her first book These Are the Gloria Stories (Factory Hollow, 2014) works to build a poetics of logical, sonic, and visual disruption—the daily rhythms of living with mental disability. Her current manuscript, The New Fate of Kelin Loe, is a medical narrative, attempting to use rhetoric and poetics to challenge the construction of disability by the medical industry. It also hopes to challenge some forms of cowardice she recognizes in the contemporary poetry industry. Her most recent work isolates the power of sensation, traces the history of oppression based on sensation, and works towards understanding what a poetics of revolution under neoliberalism might be. With Leora Fridman, Kelin founded and edits SPOKE TOO SOON: A Journal of the Longer, which features visual and auditory representations of poems too long for normal publication. She works as a tour guide at the Emily Dickinson Museum

Her chapter "Let's Listen With Our Feet: Animals (Non/Human, Neurodivergent), Vulnerability, and Haptic Rhetoricity" is forthcoming in the collection Rhetorical Animals: Boundaries of the Human in the Study of Persuasion in 2017. The essay presents four modes of haptic sensation found in neurodivergent human and nonhuman animals (thermodynamics, pressure, vibration, pain), and roots haptics in the rhetorical, physical, and vulnerable relationality between two living animals. She is working on two other projects, one on how the University of Massachusetts falcon family can expose the interwovenness of rhetorical and natural ecologies (this project won the department award for best essay in Rhetoric and Composition), and another project on building an understanding of description so that it encompass practices of observation, openness, sensory depiction, and the generation of new language towards disrupting neoliberal governmentality. 

Kelin has taught College Writing in the University of Massachusetts Amherst Writing Program for six years, creating two themed sections (Digital Humanimals; Systems, Structures, & The Times) and teaching Isenberg School of Management Fellows and in the Honors College. She has also taught four sections of Basic Writing, focusing on the oppressions constituted by Standard American English. At UMass, she has also taught Reading Poetry, a seminar focusing on the roots of contemporary U.S.-American poetics, The Ethos and Poetics of Hip Hop, an experimental writing course, and The Aural Histories, a podcasting course. Outside of UMass, she has lead workshops and craft sessions for advanced creative writers at the Juniper Institute for Young Writers, and has taught and tutored courses on the personal statement at the Northfield Mount Hermon Upward Bound program.  

After a year as an Assistant Director of UMass Amherst's Writing Center, where she taught courses on writing tutoring, mentored new and experienced tutors, and ran the daily operations, she will begin as the Assistant Director for Writing Across the Curriculum in the Fall. In this position, she will support faculty and graduate student instructors in their writing pedagogy, curriculum, and practice.

Outside of writing and teaching, Kelin has been training her own service dog through Diggity Dogs Service Dogs. Phantom is a 55lb, 1.5 y/o labradoodle. He currently a working service dog in advance stages of training.