At  An Evening with These Are the Gloria Stories , Flying Object, November 2014

At An Evening with These Are the Gloria Stories, Flying Object, November 2014

Upcoming, Readings, PresentatioNs, Residencies

  • KANSAS CITY, MO: Conference on College Composition and Communication• Friday, 3/16, 12:30pm• H.06: Rhetorical Theories of Invention: The Sensation of Choice • Presentation: "A Praxis of Radical Description: Sensory Rhetorics, Ekphrasis, Late Capitalism, and First-Year Writing"•with David Shipko
  • MINNEAPOLIS, MA:  Rhetorical Society of America Conference • June 2nd, 2:00pm • P04: Re-Inventing Rhetoric: Giving a Hoot about Animal Voices • Presentation: “The Pressure and Oppression of Haptic Rhetorics: Sovereignty, Disability, Animality" •June 3rd, 11:30am • V25 Material Molecular Rhetorics: The Body's Micro-Reinventions • Presentation: "Olfactory Late Capitalism: Understanding Rhetorical Circulation and Ambience Together"


  • AMHERST, MA: Amherst College • September 3rd • Writing Center
  • BLOOMINGTON, IN: Rhetorical Society of America Institute • May 21st-27th • Seminar: New Materialisms • Workshop: Animal Rhetorics
  • JOHNSON, VT: Vermont Studio Center Residency, Creative Access Fellowship • July 7th-August 4th  
  • PORTLAND, OR: Conference on College Composition and Communication • Friday, 3/17, 3:30pm• K.47: Cultivating 2ist Century Rhetorical Practices: Exploring Ecologies, Networks, and Assemblage • Presentation: "Cultivating Rhetorical Ecologies"• with Rebecca Dingo, Jennifer Nish, Tara Pauliny, Thomas Pickering, Rachel Riedner, and Jennifer Wingard
  • ATLANTA, GA: Literature is Alive at Emory University • November 18th  •  Emory Bookstore 1390 Oxford Rd NE  • with Leora Fridman, Zoe Rana Mungin, and Katherine J. Lee
  • LOUISVILLE, KY: 2016 Watson Conference on Mobility Work in Composition: Translation, Migration, Transformation • October 20th-22nd • C.6: Institutional Exploits: Theorizing Rhetorical Ecologies at UMass Amherst • Presentation: "'My Name is Not a Password!': The Digital and Physical Ecology of Dogs on Campus"  • with Thomas Pickering and Benjamin Zender
  • ATLANTA, GA:  Rhetorical Society of America Conference • May 28th • K5: Animal, Human, Rhetoric • Presentation: “The Dog-Star’s Skin: Haptic Rhetorics, Ability, and (Non/Human/Neurodivergent) Animals" • with Ryan Blank and Angela Leone