Guy Pettit and Karl Saffran holding the first copies of These Are the Gloria Stories

Academic Research: "Let's Listen With Our Feet: Animals (Non/Human, Neurodivergent), Vulnerability, and Haptic Rhetoricity" is forthcoming in the collection Rhetorical Animals: Boundaries of the Human in the Study of Persuasion in 2017 (Lexington Books), edited by Kristian Bjørkdahl and Alex Parrish.

Books and Chapbooks:   These Are the Gloria Stories (Factory Hollow Press 2014)  /  The Motorist (minutesBOOKS 2010). This chapbook is out of print.

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Praise for These Are the Gloria Stories

Reviews can be found at Publishers Weekly, the NOO Journal (by Leora Fridman), and Sink Review (by Carleen Tibbetts). 

Loe's hip, energetic, and bodily debut is a frenetic trip through the messy, the psychosexual, and our almost-ordinary internal and external worlds. ...Loe's willingness to push the limits results in a strange pleasure that never overwhelms, thanks to the consistency of her deliriousness and to the work's simple and elegant form. Publishers Weekly

In These Are The Gloria Stories, Kelin Loe brings the noise. This is a triumph of noise. —Leora Fridman

Loe has tales to tell—“stories” is in the title. But they are tiny epics; Gloria Stories are not histories but herstories. They’re the abridged versions of the every day relationship subtleties all bleeding together, of a partnered interior life. ... Kelin Loe introduces the collection with a promise: “I mean I can candle. . .” She’s a poet who remains true to her word. —Carleen Tibbetts

I mean I can candle, Kelin Loe’s speaker half promises, half warns at the outset of THESE ARE THE GLORIA STORIES, and she does. Flame-tipped, flicker-framed, luminous, and combustible these poems harness something almost otherworldly, something ultra-worldly, in their word-storm. Sometimes we are spellbound by so-called story, sometimes by so-called beauty—and both have their place here—but in this astonishing work, we are caught up in something stranger, a spell more direct, more radical. If you think you know what language is capable of, if you think you know its best dance moves and fondest secrets by heart, think again. Think through Loe’s poems—follow their futurecome, their trail of sugar—and with them, engage sense and sensation in a different kind of conversation than you’ve ever had before: here circle that nerve. —Lisa Olstein

Kelin Loe's poems are fierce in their truthfulness.  They won't let up or give way.  They wring the truth from every syllable as if dying for water.  They have in them something we're all after. —James Tate

Suppose every word spoken or whispered or shouted by humans since humans began using words were collected solemnly and guarded sacredly and still could not be preserved or contained----The Gloria Stories would pick up the pieces for us and give us masterfully and sacramentally, with ardent attention to every one of our facets, an aggregation and celebration of who we've been and who we might become.  Nothing is lost on Loe, poetry and we poetry readers gain everything. —Dara Wier